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Welcome to the Web site of renowned fetish author Tim Brough. Tim has received numerous accolades for his imaginative storytelling and insightful non-fictional books.

Out Now! Bounty Hunters and Kick-Ass Cops, a brand new collection of short stories. Click on the cover for both paperback and Kindle versions!


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"Let me tell you he sure as hell hasn’t lost his devilish touch to stir your darker imagination and to stimulate your one-handed reading with Bounty Hunters And Kick Ass Cops. Let’s have some more soon, Tim" – ALEX IRONROD, author of Leather Nights and Red Knight Rising.

"Having read the erotic stories of Tim Brough, I always look forward to his next writings. Primarily because you never know what the subject matter will be. Give this talented boy-man a keyboard and he weaves a tale from his own experiences as a member of the S&M Community or plucks it out of his extremely fertile imagination." G.W. Leatherman Parks, author of Harvest of G.O.L.D., and Sadistic Leathercops.




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